Bureau of Meteorology (BOM)

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) provides specialist weather advice to all Australians. The public can access near “real time” radar information including rain, wind, temperature and humidity information. Rain can be critical in the Australian winter in determining areas that may flood, whilst during our bush and grass fire danger period wind speed, direction, temperature and humidity are critical in forecasting the ferocity and direction of major fires.

A real example of Melbourne Weather Radar – not a day to be out in central Melbourne.

Most weather maps provide satellite photographs and rainfall trending, however this site also allows you to view lightning strikes, a very useful tool for those with radio antennae and towers in the air.

Click here for latest Melbourne Weather and trends

The Bureau of Meteorology also provide a radar weather service from a number of locations in Victoria. Click on the links below to view weather radar in Melbourne, Mildura (north west corner of the State), Yarrawonga (north of Melbourne on the border between Victoria and New South Wales) and Mount Gambier (south east corner of South Australia, bordering Victoria).

MELBOURNE radar 128km

MILDURA radar 256km

YARRAWONGA radar 128km

MOUNT GAMBIER radar 128km


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