Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA)

Transport Safety Victoria – Maritime

Australian Volunteer Coastguard

Port of Melbourne Corporation

Marine weather service radio schedules (Australia)

Marine Traffic

 This site provides an area of your choice for the display of reported shipping traffic.

Marine Traffic 2015-08-24_214718 cropped

Basic access provides a number of layers of information, including lighthouses. When you double click on a lighthouse icon (tear drop) information for that lighthouse is shown.

Marine Traffic Lighthouse information 2015-08-24_215003 croppedIf you are interested in ship information, you can double click on a ship icon to reveal known information of the ship you have chosen.

Marine Traffic vessel information 2015-08-24_215043 croppedThis site is worth a visit, particularly if you become aware of an active Search & Rescue mission, as you may see search aircraft plotted with search vessels.


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