Essendon Airport offers two runways, Runway 26/08 (East/West) and Runway 35/17 (North/South).

Despite mainstream commercial operations transferring to Melbourne Airport Tullamarine in the early 1970’s, Essendon still provides a valuable focal point for smaller commercial operators including Executive Airlines,  Australasian Jet, XJet, Essendon Executive,  Sharp Airlines and Airlines of Tasmania, to name a few.

YMEN frequencies of interest

Runway layout and local airport frequencies Melbourne (Essendon) YMEN

Essendon Airport is also the home of the Victoria Police Air Wing and Royal Flying Doctor Service. Royal Flying Doctor Service provides fixed wing aircraft to Ambulance Service Victoria.

Aircraft operations are conducted 24 hours of the day all year, however Essendon Tower is usually unmanned from 10PM each evening until early morning the next day.

For this reason the Clearance frequency of 118.45 is used by aircraft after hours to obtain airways clearances from Air Traffic Control at Melbourne Airport when Essendon Tower is closed.

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